Bird protection

The SEEN Elements offer a new, effective way to combine glass and bird protection. Laminated between glass, the inlay consisting of individual elements offers a wide range of possible applications. Two differently reflecting, three-dimensional surfaces made of aluminum, usually combined with a light-absorbing, color-neutral back, are available. The patterns with a coverage of less than 1%, which have been tested in the flight channel and are classified as highly effective, cause minimal irritation on the room side, but give the glass surface a high-quality exterior. The highly reflective aluminum coating "SEEN shiny" shows a visual reflection of 89%, the semi-reflective version "SEEN matt" 75%. The composition of the elements results in a three-dimensional effect, visible only on the metallic front.

Front side:
highly reflective

Front side:

light absorbing and
color-neutral coloring

Minimum coverage

The 9mm dots with a distance of 90mm from dot center to dot center cover less than one percent of the area and still achieve the classification as highly effective.

Between glass

The tested dot screens are laminated between glass and, in contrast to screen or digital printing, are permanently protected on the outside and leave the glass surface untouched.


The light-absorbing and color-neutral back of the dots guarantees minimal irritation on the room side. The metallic, three-dimensional front gives the glass an elegant and lively surface.

Glass quality

The SEEN Elements do not require tempered glass and therefore offer a significant advantage in terms of glass quality and cost.

Bird protection and design

Another advantage of SEEN Elements is the very flexible and cost-effective production. Only one DXF and PDF file is required to produce a specific design. Customized solutions combined with the tested bird protection pattern within one or distributed over several glass surfaces are thus possible, even in combination with other metal coatings, colored variants or other element shapes and sizes.

Test report

The test trials of the new WIN test method took place in the Flight Tunnel II of the Biological Station Hohenau-Ringelsdorf (Austria) between August 26 and September 27, 2019. The test glasses with the SEEN Elements "SEEN shiny" and "SEEN matt" were made of 2 x 4mm white glass and 2 x 0.76mm PVB film. Under exclusion of disturbing factors 187 valid tests were carried out. The testers consider the product to be one of the most effective solutions against bird strike, which has been tested so far with the WIN test arrangement (including mirror reflections on the pane surface) at the Biological Station Hohenau- Ringelsdorf.
Here you can download the complete test report.

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